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Yeagerlabs - Innovative Ideas in Teaching Theatre


When it comes to teaching theatre production, think small.
Yeagerlab theatre labs are fully functional scale models that enable you to bring the entire stage into the classroom. All aspects of production, from the lighting to the actors, are reduced to 1 to 6 scale: a 39’ x 24’ proscenium opening converts to a Yeagerlab proscenium opening of 6.5’ x 4', and a 12" model accurately represents a average height person.

These are not toys. These labs use actual LED fixtures, ellipsoidals, dimmers and controllers that work just like their larger counterparts. With a YeagerLab you can design, cue, and rehearse intricate lighting and projection quickly and easily. Experiment with scenery placement and actor blocking, lab scenic and costune colors with real-life results. Anything you can do on a full-size stage, you can do with a Yeagerlab.

First, choose a Lab. Yeagerlabs are available in free-standing or 'table-top' designs.
Then add softgoods, legs, borders, cycs and scrims, or choose a complete soft-goods package
Finish it with lighting, control, dimming and projection equipment needed to model what you have in your full-size theater.

Build your Yeagerlab exactly the way you want it. Change the grid height, stage depth, lighting positions, and masking positions all to match your theater, or to any theater you want to explore. Fully customized labs are available too, built to the specs of your space, whether it be a traditional proscenium, thrust, arena, or black box. Custom sewn soft goods are also available to match your stage. Contact us for details.

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