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LexLock X515P

Lex-Loc X515P 15 Amp Edison Plug
2P3W 15A 125 VAC NEMA 5-15P Parallel Blade

Lex-Loc 15 Amp Edison Plug
Catalog # ELEC-0990
Model #: X515P
The world's first cage clamp NEMA wiring device wins the 2007 ESTA Dealer's Choice Awards Expendable Product of the Year!

Since their invention in the late 1800s, virtually all electrical wiring devices have had one common feature: the screw type terminal.
Although screw terminations are functional they do have a flaw: screw terminals loosen. Screw terminals may loosen due to vibration from motors or transport. After screw termination is made, the fine copper strands tend to shift, allowing the screw to loosen. This phenomenon is called "creep." It leads to heat rise, more loosening, and often device failure. Screw terminals also loosen because they are not tight enough in the first place. Unless you use a torque-measuring screwdriver, it is nearly impossible to know if you are making a proper termination.

Enter Lex-Loc!

The cage clamp terminals are based on the concept of using spring pressure instead of screws to make the termination. The spring delivers a pre-determined amount of pressure and automatically adjusts to shifting strands (creep). This revolutionary design utilizes color coded cam levers to open and close the chambers that accept the conductors. Users simply strip the conductor using the gauge on the device, open the terminal by hand, insert the conductor and close the lever.

Features & Benefits
  • Cage clamp terminations cannot loosen, eliminating the main cause of device failure.
  • Does not require tools; simply finger-open and close the terminals.
  • Saves labor.
  • Two fast-travel assembly screws save labor.
  • All-black color blends into scenery.
  • Beefy external cord clamp provides excellent strain relief for a wide range of cord sizes.

Lex-Loc™ devices meet or exceed Hospital Grade U.S. tests, including:
  • Abrupt plug removal (parallel to wall) test
  • Ground contact temperature test
  • Ground resistance test
  • Grounding contact overstress test
  • Assembly security test
  • Mold stress relief test
  • Crush test
  • Cord grip strain relief tests
  • Static cord pull test
  • Rotary cord pull test
  • Impact resistance test
  • Mechanical drop test

Housing and Body: Nylon – Tough and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. UL Recognized for 125°C continuous use. UL 94V-2 Flammability Index. Beveled design to resist snagging. Blades and Contacts: Solid brass for excellent conductivity Terminal Cover: Clear polycarbonate – terminals visible Assembly Screws: Two U-drive combination slot/crosshead

  • Accommodates 18/3 SJ through 10/3 S cable
  • Cord Accommodation (with inserts): .300''- .430''
  • Cord Accommodation (inserts removed): >.430''- .655''

  • Dielectric Withstand Voltage: >3,000V
  • Heat Rise: Maximum 30°C after 100 cycles at 150% of rated current
  • Current Interrupting: Yes
  • U.L.Listed C.S.A.Certified


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