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Darklight Gantom DMX Micro Intelligent Floodlight

Darklight Gantom DMX Micro Intelligent Floodlight
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Catalog # FIXT-1275
Model #: DKGT-DMX-XX

Available in RGBW and dynamic white options, the Gantom DMX is one of the smallest DMX controlled fixtures on the market. Traditional fixtures of similar size require external drivers which can be bulky, costly and a hassle to install; the Gantom DMX has all the intelligence and driver circuitry built into a fixture that is smaller than a fist. All that is required for operation is power and signal. Gamma corrected dimming allows the user to fine tune the low end output of the Gantom DMX, minimizing the visible dimming “steps” as seen with linear LED dimming curves; High frequency hybrid modulation makes the Gantom DMX video ready with minimal on-camera flicker. Because the Gantom DMX is a low voltage luminaire, it can be driven with batteries for remote operation, perfect for event lighting where access to power and signal is inconvenient. Built in EEPROM allows the Gantom DMX to store its DMX address and configuration via the DarkBox Programmer (available separately). The DarkBox Programmer can assign the DMX address to the fixture as well as tune the color of the fixture and allow for stand alone operation without DMX signal.

Important: The Gantom DMX requires the DarkBox Programmer (sold separately, see Related Items below) in order to change its address from the default of 1 or to store output settings for standalone operation. Only a single DarkBox Programmer is needed to configure the address and output settings for the entire system of Gantom DMX fixtures.

DMX signal via mini-jack: Darklight DMX controlled products use 3.5mm mini-jacks (stereo audio tip-ring-sleeve) to allow for miniaturization. XLR to mini-jack adapters are available, sold separately (see Related Items below) or simply use off-the-shelf male to male stereo audio extension cables to carry signal. Experimentally, over 50 of our DMX devices have been tested daisy chained together over 300 meters without signal degradation using audio cable.

The recommended power supply for the Gantom DMX is the PowerPak 5000 (sold separately, see Related Items below), which can handle up to 8 Gantom DMX fixtures at full power. A battery-powered pack is also available.

  • Available in RGBW (4 channel) or dynamic white (2 channel)
  • DMX address and configuration stored in EEPROM
  • Standalone mode allows set and forget operation without DMX signal (requires DarkBox Programmer)
  • Gamma corrected dimming curve for fine tuning of low level output and high dynamic range
  • Normalized output allows full power color mixing without affecting brightness
  • Flicker free and video ready
  • Quad chip LED and matching optics for homogenous color output
  • Integrates into any existing DMX universe
  • Low voltage for improved safety over incandescent sources
  • Internal constant current driver gives highly efficient and consistent output
  • Minimal maintenance required with over 50,000 hour lamp life
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Available in RGBW or Dynamic White, choose options below.

Ususally ships in 2-3 days.

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