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Wireless DMX R-512 G4 MK2

Wireless DMX R-512 G4 MK2
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Catalog # DICO-0819
Model #: A40102G4

The W-DMX BlackBox R-512 indoor receiver is the original BlackBox R-512 user-friendly receiver with “One-Button-2-Go” technology. The R-512 receives all 512 channels (one universe) DMX wireless through the W-DMX technology that is proven to be safe, reliable and easy to use.

W-DMX BlackBox R-512 can be used for both Multicasting and Point-to-Point systems. In a Multicast system, each DMX512 device has its own BlackBox R-512, which negates the need for DMX512 cable as the entire system is wireless. In a Point-to-Point situation, W-DMX is used to ‘bridge’ a distance.

There can of course be a combination of these two modes, for example a BlackBox S-1 connected to the console can transmit to 6 units of W-DMX BlackBox R-512, and each of the R-512's has a fixture connected that is daisy-chained to several other units by cable on either same or different DMX addresses.

The W-DMX BlackBox R-512 has a built in universal power supply with 90-250V guaranteed worldwide use without problems.

All W-DMX BlackBox R-512 units are delivered with multi-purpose brackets for easy mounting and rigging, as well as standard 2 dBi rubber whip antenna. A multitude of other antenna options are available to increase the standard transmission range.

All W-DMX products uses the license free 2.45 GHz ISM band, and are certified for use in the United States, Canada, Japan, and all European Union countries.

The W-DMX BlackBox R-512 uses AFHSS, Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, along with a number of other techniques to avoid interference and create a very reliable wireless link.

Please download the PDF catalog and/or data sheet for more information about the W-DMX BlackBox range of products.


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Wireless DMX R-512 G4 MK2