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Philips Selecon Rama 5°-60° Standard PC

Philips Selecon Rama 5°-60° Standard PC
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Catalog # FIXT-0330
Model #: 16RAPC6

A great alternative / complement for ellipsoidal and Fresnels

From stage wash to dramatic highlight with just one fixture

Leading Light Output

A well controlled, crisp beam and little light scatter from an easy to use and versatile PC lens fixture using a 6" industry-standard lens. A smarter choice than a Par or Fixed Beam due to superior control and light quality.

Light Speed at Your Fingertips!

Lens fixtures are the simplest and most versatile fixtures with which to creatively light your stage. The Rama PC's adjustable cone of light (4.5º to 60º) is easily blended with adjacent beams; ideal for general stage lighting applications, side, top and back light angles.

The well controlled beam allows their use from front-of-house positions, particularly box booms / side auditorium positions.

Passion for Performance

Selecon combines passion for performance lighting with skills in technology and engineering, delivering stage lighting tools for everyone.

Blend / Shape / Soften

A well-defined beam is the one required most often when lighting the stage – no need for frost filters to soften hard edges or to smooth out irregularities/hot spots in the beam. Shape the light by masking parts of the beam using the four-leaf barndoor accessory which mounts on the front and rotates around the axis.



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Philips Selecon Rama 5°-60° Standard PC